First Catalyst Educator’s Day a Success

First Catalyst Educator’s Day a Success

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We kicked off the 2016 Catalyst Series this Friday with our first Educator Day.

Our visitors had a terrific time at LFCSA, and were truly inspired by the work we are doing. Our Catalyst Series seeks to bring together organizations and individuals who wish to take part in shaping the educational landscape with a focus on arts integration, civic engagement and democratic pedagogy. The group who visited last Friday was made up of classroom teachers (charter and traditional), arts administrators, coaches, teacher trainers, county staff, and artists. It was a truly diverse and passionate group, and we hope to stay in touch with them and reconnect through our upcoming Catalyst Educator Day on February 26th and our Catalyst Conference on April 2nd. 

Thank you to our visitors for an inspiring day. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Feedback from our visitors:
“I have a better understanding of what arts integration and constructivist learning among students look like. I think LFCSA could be a site where educators can come to get smarter about putting strategies into practice. I saw how effective peer supported learning can be.”

“The biggest take away from this experience was the variety of methods that were being used by students to approach learning, especially by accusing the investigative-inquiry techniques to understand concepts.”

“It was evident that collaboration is present and that multiple subjects cross naturally in each class.”

Check out more of our efforts to increase the art in education conversation in Los Angeles by reading about our Catalyst Series.

We will be holding our second annual convening in April.