LFCSA Co-location (TK-1)

Dear LFCSA community,
This has been an exciting year as we have been working towards growing our school to make it sustainable for all our current LFCSA families. This expansion will allow us to continue operating and providing our community with a unique, art-integrated education that focuses on the whole child.
Our LFCSA Co-location will be located at:
Albion Street Elementary
We have included a map and some commute information to help you get a sense of the location and distance.
Distance between schools:
* The shortest route between our schools by car is 3.5 miles via San Fernando Road.
Typical travel times on weekdays by car:
* 7:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m. is from 9-16 minutes
* 5:00 p.m. is from 10-18 minutes
Co-Location Update 06/01
We were able to meet with the Albion Prop 39 Committee which included the Principal of Albion Elementary, and had an amicable meeting.
We were informed that the school is having some of its programs impacted by our co-location (e.g. they had to give up their Parent Center), and they understood that it was not our fault, just a hardship for them. We have offered to collaborate with them on finding creative solutions that would benefit both schools.  In this introductory meeting we were able to get some preliminary answers to questions that have been asked by our community:
Q: Will we use the same entrance?
A: There is a separate entrance on the opposite side of the school that would be our main entrance (closer to our classrooms).
Q: What spaces will we be sharing with students enrolled in Albion Elementary?
A: We will be using the same playground space, but will have completely different schedules, so that  the children will not be playing at the same time. The restrooms will be shared.
Q: When is the start an end time of LFCSA students at the co-location?
A: We are working on the bell schedule with Albion’s team, and will share that out as soon as we can.
Q: When can we tour the school and begin outfitting the site?
A: Legally we are allowed to enter 10 days before the start of school.  Our hope is that we will be able to negotiate an earlier access time. We will continue this conversation at the next meeting.
Q: When is the next meeting?
We plan on meeting again end of June.
Q: How many classrooms do we have, is there a studio space?
We will have three TK/K classrooms, two studios, one office and one Special Education office.
Q: Who will be the teachers and staff at the co-location?
A: Our co-principals and specialists will be visiting our co-location daily.
We are excited to announce that our TK/K teachers will be
Ms. Mayo, Ms. Bosley and a new addition to LFCSA, Ms. Navarro.
Ms. Navarro is a seasoned multi-age teacher who is excited to join the LFCSA team. Jessica Barragan will be at the co-location office and our CAP team is currently being determined.
We have compiled many questions in this Co-location q&A (Updated June 1st) and have attempted to answer as many as we can.  We will continue to collect questions and will update this document. Please submit your questions to https://goo.gl/forms/Hh0yhT6nIbsL3cjE2
DO NOT contact the staff at Albion. The District has its own process for informing their schools.
We look forward to working with our community to make this co-location as special as our current location!
Dr. Linda Lee
A year by year guide to grade locations:
2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 & Beyond
Colocation TK, K* TK, K & 1st grade TK, K & 1st grade
Media Center location 1st – 6th* 2nd – 7th 2nd – 8th
*exception: one K class to remain at Media Center location next year and future years.
A lottery was held on May 21st for any spots that become available in the class remaining at the Media Center location and a waitlist was generated. We will be calling students off this waitlist in the order they were drawn to fill any spots that become available. To add your child to this waitlist please email johanna@losfelizarts.org
To view this waitlist click here.